I have a single file which contains source file paths and destination file paths.


$ cat test.txt
/home/data/source.txt   /home/code/destination.txt
/home/abc/def.txt   /home/mnp/xyz.txt

Here i want to copy /home/data/source.txt to /home/code/destination.txt (cp /home/data/source.txt /home/code/destination.txt)

I have so many source path and Destination path in a single file

So I want a command by which I can copy file from source path to destination path.



Here's an idea:

  • make a copy of your file: cp test.txt test.sh
  • put cp at the beginning of each line: sed -i 's/^/cp / test.sh
  • make the file executable: chmod +x test.sh
  • execute the file: ./test.sh
cat test.txt | xargs -L 1 cp -v


  • test.txt is your input file
  • xargs -L 1 will list lines one by one and run
  • cp is the copy command
  • -v is there to have visibility and for check

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