I have an awk command. I need to use i variable but my command does not work when I do.

"fechaName": "1","firstName": "gdrgo",   "xxxxx": "John", "xxxxx": "John", "xxxxx": "John", "xxxxx": "John", "xxxxx": "John",   "lastName": "222",dfg
"fechaName": "2","xxxxx": "John",    "firstName": "beto",   "xxxxx": "John", "xxxxx": "John", "xxxxx": "John",   "lastName": "111","xxxxx": "John",
"fechaName": "4","xxxxx": "John",    "firstName": "beto",   "xxxxx": "John", "xxxxx": "John", "xxxxx": "John",   "lastName": "111","xxxxx": "John",
"fechaName": "4","xxxxx": "John",   "xxxxx": "John",    "firstName": "beto2", "xxxxx": "John","lastName": "555", "xxxxx": "John","xxxxx": "John",
"fechaName": "5","xxxxx": "John",   "xxxxx": "John",    "firstName": "beto2", "xxxxx": "John","lastName": "444", "xxxxx": "John","xxxxx": "John",
"fechaName": "4","firstName": "gdrgo",   "xxxxx": "John", "xxxxx": "John", "xxxxx": "John", "xxxxx": "John", "xxxxx": "John",   "lastName": "222",dfg
"fechaName": "7","xxxxx": "John",   "xxxxx": "John",    "firstName": "beto2", "xxxxx": "John","lastName": "444", "xxxxx": "John","xxxxx": "John",

When I use 5 instead of "i" it works

awk  -v OFS='"' -v   FS='Name": "'     '{ for( i=2; i<=7; i++ ) if( match($2, /5"/) )  print $0 }'   sumacomando

this is my command

awk  -v OFS='"' -v   FS='Name": "'     '{ for( i=2; i<=7; i++ ) if( match($2, /**i**"/) )  print $0 }'   sumacomando

awk  -v OFS='"' -v   FS='Name": "'     '{ for( i=2; i<=7; i++ ) if( match($2, /i"/) )  print $0 }'   sumacomando
  • What is the expected output? – George Vasiliou Mar 13 '17 at 15:05
  • only need sort by fechaName 2 to 7 with my command not external methods like sort or asort – Alejandro Diego Mar 13 '17 at 15:13

You can not sort all the records just with one pass.

To answer your main question literally to match a field with a variable you just need to do match($2,i) without /.../ (or match($2, i "\"") for i followed by a ". Using normal string concatenation syntax).

Even this one will bring you correct results for a record containing "4":

awk '{i=4}$0 ~ "\"" i "\""' file1 #(string concatenation yelds to "4")

But this one , though it will work without error, will not automatically sort the data with one pass as you might expect:

awk '{for (i=1;i<8;i++) if ($0 ~ "\"" i "\"") print}' file1

To sort all the records you need first to load all records in memory and then print them in a sorting order.

This is a different approach that works with your sample file:

awk  -F"[\"]" '{a[$4]?a[$4]=a[$4] ORS $0:a[$4]=$0;last=NR}END{for (i=1;i<=last;i++) if (a[i]) print a[i]}' file1

See online test here

Using delimiter " text of first line "fechaName": "1",.... will split in 4 pieces and 1 (field $4) can be used directly as an integer.

The part a[$4]?a[$4]=a[$4] ORS $0:a[$4]=$0 is just an if-then-else:

if a[$4] (==> a[1] for first line) has already a value then add this line to the previous a[$4] contents using the Output Record Separator (ORS) which is a new line (or could be a litteral "\n") - else just apply $0 to a[$4]

Finally in end section we just print this array a.

We need to say here that sort will be hell faster than awk for this operation:

LC_ALL=C sort -t"\"" -k3 file1
  • @AlejandroDiego Welcome. I simplified a bit the solution. We don't need many delimiters. Just " is enough. – George Vasiliou Mar 13 '17 at 17:16

It seems you want to print the lines containing 1 to 7. That would be something like

awk '/"fechaName": "[1-7]"/ { print }'
  • thanks ; I understand but I need to modify this posted script for sorting purpose – Alejandro Diego Mar 13 '17 at 13:45
  • this command not sort print in same order – Alejandro Diego Mar 13 '17 at 13:46
  • @AlejandroDiego Then please write a suitable problem description. – Michael Vehrs Mar 13 '17 at 14:00
  • I know but I put in my description that I need pass variable inside match – Alejandro Diego Mar 13 '17 at 14:02
  • if( match($2, /i"/) – Alejandro Diego Mar 13 '17 at 14:02

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