I've run into this problem which is weird. I'm using Debian jessie and I have setup clamav to listen also on port 3310 with the TCPSocket 3310 option.

After saving the changes to the config file I restart the daemon with service clamav-daemon restart and check if its listening on port 3310 with lsof -i tcp:3310 and it is not.

If I run the daemon manually with clamd --config=/etc/clamav/clamd.conf the everything works perfectly. I have tried to check if there is a /etc/defaults/clam script but there is none. Where can I set the preferences for the startup script to use the config file?


dpkg-reconfigure clamav-daemon and make your Configuration over this cli-interface.

lsof -i tcp:3310 COMMAND PID USER FD TYPE DEVICE SIZE/OFF NODE NAME systemd 1 root 28u IPv6 356619 0t0 TCP *:3310 (LISTEN) clamd 2503 clamav 3u IPv6 356619 0t0 TCP *:3310 (LISTEN)

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