I am trying to figure out what are the feasible ways to type in non-english using the standard us keyboard.

So far I have figured out how to set the compose key and use key shortcut: for example

compose key + ` + e = é

Now I want to customize the key combination to a specific character from a specific font How do I go about doing that? Also, does a font come with predefined key combination?

Also, is this something ibus input selector can help? If so, any links would be helpful. I have looked quite a bit on this now and have not able to figure out a working approach.


You can't map a key to a special character in a font. Input doesn't know anything about font, only characters. Most characters are present in Unicode, and you can set a compose combination to any Unicode character. In ~/.XCompose, you can either put the character in quotes or write the hexadecimal code for the character with U before it:

<Multi_key> <acute> <e> = U00E9

If you want a keyboard shortcut to insert a character in a different font, you'll need to do it in the word processor. Most programs work with text and don't even have a concept of mixing fonts.

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