I just installed Solaris 11.3 on the laptop. This laptop have Broadcom BCM4312 WiFi card.

It looks like the install does not have a driver for this card just like 11.1 version.

I have a Linux installed on this same machine (Gentoo) and this OS does have a driver.

Is it possible to get the driver for this card somewhere? Maybe broadcom.com? Failing that is it possible to use Linux driver inside Solaris?

On the kind of related side - I tried to connect a wire and run Driver Manager, but it does not want to finish. All controls are still disabled. Any idea?

Thank you for any pointers you can provide.


@Igor, your best bet is to check out the HCL, but as Solaris is intended as a server operating system, it's unlikely that many wireless chipsets are going to be certified unless they carried over from OpenSolaris.

As a work around, you could try running Linux in a VM and using that as a proxy or router to access the internet from the global. Or manually connect to a wireless repeater that you get instead of a USB wireless card?

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