I'm installing Scientific Linux 7 (I've got no reason to this isn't the case with all RHEL forks though) with a Kickstart script that contains the following:

%post --interpreter /bin/bash --log /root/postinstall.log
# do stuff

After install, the log file is there for inspection as expected.

But, using SL 6 I used to be able to change to TTY 2 and watch the log with tail -f /mnt/sysimage/root/postinstall.log. Now, it appears the log is created, but contents are not written until the post-install process is completed.

Is there a way to monitor this progress? I've looked for the log file in /tmp/, /var/log/, /mnt/sysimage/tmp/, and /mnt/sysimage/var/log/ without any luck. If the log file isn't available, is there a way to send output to another TTY from a Kickstart post-install script?

Attempt 1:

%post --interpreter /bin/bash
# do stuff
echo foo
echo bar
echo baz
) | tee /root/postinstall.log > /dev/tty1

This almost works, however, line endings seem to be a problem. It's only doing an LF, not a CR on the screen. The above outputs this on TTY1:


Attempt 2:

%post --interpreter /bin/bash --log /root/postinstall.log

echo "Changing output to TTY 3; press Alt-F3 to view" > /dev/tty1
exec 1>/dev/tty3 2>&1
#do stuff

This outputs the data correctly to the screen, but logs nothing. It also has the curious side-effect of delaying the reboot for like 10 minutes after the script completes.


Redirect your output to /dev/pts/0 instead.

  • Yes, /dev/pts/0 seems to handle line endings much better than /dev/tty1. – miken32 Jun 5 at 22:34

Finally figured this out:

%post --interpreter /bin/bash

printf "Changing output to TTY 3; press Alt-F3 to view\r\n" > /dev/tty1
# do stuff
} 2>&1 | tee /root/postinstall.log > /dev/tty3


As mentioned in the question, the screen on /dev/tty1 seems to have problems with line endings, so my first attempt probably would have worked had I redirected to /dev/tty3 instead. But this solution avoids the subshell and also redirects STDERR.

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