I need to be able to call a certain process with a certain java binary. Call that process "foo". However, foo also invokes several other processes via java, but foo is a black box to me. When foo invokes those processes, it just runs "java bar", "java bat", etc. How do I tell foo and any processes called by foo, to use /full/path/to/java only? Essentially I want to use "update-alternatives" for a single shell session and/or single process tree.

OS is Centos7, shell is bash.

Setting the system java is out of the question, as other processes on the system need a different java binary.

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    One method might be PATH=/custom/java/bin:$PATH foo assuming everything else in that directory is okay to list first in PATH and that foo or downstream of that do not fiddle with PATH on their own... – thrig Mar 10 '17 at 0:14

Create a directory ~/myjava that contains only a symbolic link to /full/path/to/bin/java.

mkdir ~/myjava
ln -s /full/path/to/bin/java ~/myjava/java

Run the process with this directory at the start of the command search path. In addition, some programs look at the environment variable JAVA_HOME. Make sure that it's consistent. The actual java executable should be in a subdirectory called bin or $JAVA_HOME.

PATH=~/myjava:$PATH JAVA_HOME=/full/path/to foo

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