How can I count the unique log lines in a text file only until the first "-" and print the line with the count

org.springframework. - initialization started
org.springframework. - initialization started
pushAttemptLogger - initialization started
pushAttemptLogger - initialization started

example result

org.springframework. 2
pushAttemptLogger 2

reviewed: https://stackoverflow.com/questions/6712437/find-duplicate-lines-in-a-file-and-count-how-many-time-each-line-was-duplicated


cut -f1 -d'-' inputfile | sort | uniq -c

cut -f1 -d'-' will treat the file as dash-delimited and return only the first column in each line.

sort is necessary for uniq to work properly.

uniq -c shows only unique lines from the sorted input, including a count.

awk -F- 'NF>1 {count[$1]++}
         END {for (i in count) print i, count[i]}'

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