I have a clean installation of openSuse. This automatically sets up bash as the default shell.

For historic reasons, all of the aliases and shortcuts I want to port from an old computer are in tcsh, and I don't really feel up to learning how to do the same in bash. Instead, I changed the login shell to tcsh, and I'm happy.

The problem I have now is that backspace only deletes forward (like the del key), instead of backward (like ctrl+h). How can I bind the backspace key to delete backwards instead of forward?


The shell command to change key bindings is bindkey, Backspace presumably sends byte 127 (^?; check by typing Ctrl+V then Backspace), and the edition command to delete a character backwards is backward-delete-char. So put this in your ~/.tcshrc:

bindkey '^?' backward-delete-char
# stty erase <press backspace key>

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