I have a Scientific Linux on my notebook (installed with German language).

I installed Firefox with a simple "yum install firefox".

But I need Firefox with Hungarian language.

How can I configure Firefox to use Hungarian language? (menus, etc. )

ps.: no, the tools->contents->change language didn't helped in Firefox.

  • The tools->contents->change language option is for requesting pages in specific languages. Although some sites insist in using flag buttons and such, HTTP has built-in support for a browser to say "hand me english or, if not possible, french, or then portuguese". It has nothing to do with the Firefox UI language. – njsg Mar 25 '12 at 18:36

First of all, you have to find and .xpi file for the requested language. As far as I know there is no place which concentrates all languages. Then perform following steps:

  1. In the addressbar paste about:config. Hit Enter. A list of different preferences will appear.
  2. Paste general.useragent.locale to the search tab. Only one preference will appear.
  3. Double click on the preference and enter a code of your language (for example de-DE or en-US)
  4. Restart FF
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    Since a while ago, I even though Mozilla has given up in providing separate language packs, instead supplying localized packages (that only had en-US and another language). But fortunately, there are still XPIs out there, see kb.mozillazine.org/Language_packs. Also, if Firefox does it the right way™, then running firefox with LC_ALL set to the desired locale (e.g. LC_ALL=pt_PT.utf8 firefox for european portuguese) should work too. – njsg Mar 25 '12 at 18:42

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