I have a pipe(|) separated string, I need to find the first character in the 7th column of that pipe-separated string


Expected output : 2

  • expected output is 2 or 2.0? – Rakesh.N Mar 6 '17 at 11:37
  • use substr on $7 – Sundeep Mar 6 '17 at 11:38
  • sed -ne 's/|/\n/6; s/.*\n\(.\)/\1\n/; P' – user218374 Mar 6 '17 at 11:43

This will do the job:

awk -F "|" '{print(substr($7,1,1))}' input.file.txt

You can also use cut:

cut -d\| -f7 | cut -c1


IFS='|' read -r -a x <<< "$str"
echo "${x[7]:0:1}"

read command uses the contents of $str and splits them on the pipe | char and fills them into an array (-a) named x. Then we extract one character from the beginning of the 7th field.


perl -F'\|' -pale '($_) = $F[6] =~ /./g' <<< "$str"

-F => field separator, -p => autoprint mode, -a => autosplit turned on, -l => set up the record separator(RS) to \n and ORS to \n.

7th field $F[6] is evaluated in a list context and as /./g and returns individual chars, of which the first is picked and stored in the $_ which due to the autoprint will take it to stdout.


fld7=$(yes "$fld$sep" | sed 7q | tr -d '\n')
expr "$str" : "$fld7\(.\)"

Here we construct the command so that expr does it's job under the hood.

echo "$fld"; # => [^|]* echo "$fld7"; # => [^|]*[^|]* .... 7 times


Using python3, assuming column 7 exists on all lines in the file:

python3 -c "[print(l.split('|')[6][0]) for l in open('f').readlines()]"

> 2

Where 'f' is the (full) path to the file, in single quotes.



will read the file per line, and


will split the line by the delimeter |, and subsequently print the first character of the 7th column (where 0 is the index of the first column)


To study the interesting sed behavior

sed 's/\(\([^|]\?\)[^|]*|\)\{7\}.*/\2/' input.file.txt

or to reduce escaping

sed -r 's/(([^|]?)[^|]*\|){7}.*/\2/' input.file.txt

or to avoid regex

sed '/\n/{s/./\n/2;P;d;};s/|/\n/6;s/$/\n/;D' input.file.txt

This may help:

awk -F'[|.]' '{print $7}' filename.txt
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    This only works for cases where i) there is only 1 . on the line and ii) that . is the 2nd character of the 7th field. – terdon Mar 6 '17 at 12:03

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