I have a folder shared with others through Dropbox. When a file is added to this folder, I get a system tray notification in KDE --- but of course if I'm not at my computer, I wouldn't see the notification. Is there a way to automatically log any changes within a folder (especially file creation), and/or automatically run a bash script to, say, send an email to myself as a more durable "alert"?

A google search turned up incron ... It sounds about right. Has anyone used this software?

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    The inotify API (which is what inotifywait, incron and inoticoming use) is for monitoring changes to local files. What you're looking for is a notification of a change on Dropbox's servers. This is an FAQ on the Dropbox forums, and the standard answer is to use RSS (plus an RSS-to-email gateway if you really want email). Commented Oct 25, 2010 at 18:18

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You probably want inoticoming, which is a user space command that uses the inotify framework. You can use it to watch a directory and execute the script of your choice, which can then do anything you want.

I've used this extensively for monitoring directories for file activity and it works well.


It's a pretty straightforward usecase of inotify, unfortunately that's a programming API, not a user utility.

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    inotifywait is the basic utility built on the inotify API, and incron and inoticoming are others. But that's not relevant to monitor a change on a remote server. Commented Oct 25, 2010 at 18:22

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