This is likely to be borderline subjective, but I am searching for good alternatives for command line IMAP to maildir clients: Currently I am using offlineimap, but the docs are lacking, and support is vaning, what is a good alternative to offlineimap that has IDLE support, is fast and mature (does not loose e-mails). Ideally it should synchronize maildir flags (and gmail labels, but can't get everything). I know of:

  • offlineimap
  • mbsync

Nice solution is gmailieer. It doesn't use IMAP but GMail API. Synchronize gmail labels with notmuch database. So it is useful only with e-mail clients with notmuch support. Gmailieer itself do not have api permission to delete Your messages from GMail. So it depends what are Your needs and email client You're using.

  • Thanks, I am somewhat familiar with gmailieer myself ;) – gauteh Feb 20 at 13:26
  • 1
    Opps. Now I realized Gmailieer your project :D – Jakub Jindra Feb 20 at 14:13

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