I'm trying to Rsync my Laravel project and this is how my filter.txt looks like:

+ app/
+ config/
+ database/
+ public/
+ resources/
+ routes/
- .env
- */

And I run rsync with these options: rsync -vzcrSLhp

The problem is if there is changed file, say in the "resources/views/" subdirectory for example, the rsync does not detect that.

How can I make it traverse all subdirectories and include everything (every depth) ?

Second question: I have my filter.txt in the current directory so I run rsync like this:

rsync -vzcrSLhp filter=". filter.txt"

Is there a way so I can put my filter file in another directory and reference to that? right now it's in code/project/ and I move it to code/

I tried filter="../ filter.txt" but it doesn't work.


Alright I figured that out myself.

I should have used a lead / before the directory names. Also had to change */ to /*/

+ /app/
+ /config/
+ /database/
+ /public/
+ /resources/
+ /routes/
- .env
- /*/

And my second question is solved too. using --filter=". ../filter.txt"

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