My host (Kapsi ry internet society) changed the servers, after which I have not been able to read my emails, etc by mutt and host's webmail: all mailboxes seems to be empty. I have done all proposed changes in mutt configs, but the problem has persisted now 3 weeks. I can read no emails by mutt anymore. Everything looks blank. My host another email frontend also shows all mailbox blank. The host says that some my mailbox still receives mails. However, I cannot confirm it because I cannot view them. I just need to read one email which has pdf attachment.

My host says the following but there is no $HOME/Maildir, only $HOME/mail and $HOME/Mail

According to procmail, your messages go to ~/Maildir directory.

Use these settings in `$HOME/.muttrc at https://dev.mutt.org/trac/wiki/MuttGuide/UseIMAP

Test viewing emails at https://webmail.host.com

My $HOME/.muttrc

# Automatically log in to this mailbox at startup
set spoolfile="imaps://username:password@mail.host.com/INBOX"
# Define the = shortcut, and the entry point for the folder browser (c?)
set folder="imaps://mail.host.com/INBOX"
set record="=Sent"
set postponed="=Drafts"

set trash="=Trash"

# activate TLS if available on the server
set ssl_starttls=yes
# always use SSL when connecting to a server
set ssl_force_tls=yes
# Don't wait to enter mailbox manually
unset imap_passive
# Automatically poll subscribed mailboxes for new mail (new in 1.5.11)
set imap_check_subscribed
# Reduce polling frequency to a sane level
set mail_check=60
# And poll the current mailbox more often (not needed with IDLE in post 1.5.11)
set timeout=10
# keep a cache of headers for faster loading (1.5.9+?)
set header_cache=~/.hcache
# Display download progress every 5K
set net_inc=5

At $HOME, I can see where strange many msg... files and where I see that at least spam folder's timestamp updates most frequently (even today)

drwx------    2 masi   users      10 Jan 22 10:50 mail
drwx------    2 masi   users       2 Feb 13  2012 Mail
-rw-------    1 masi   users   21894 Sep 19  2012 mbox
-rw-------    1 masi   users    1929 Feb 19 11:03 msg.0ZE4C
-rw-------    1 masi   users    2190 Feb  5 07:02 msg.1VGVF
-rw-------    1 masi   users    2362 Jan 26 11:58 msg.2gVHF
-rw-------    1 masi   users    2321 Jan 24 22:20 msg.-3ooE
-rw-------    1 masi   users    3206 Feb 13 19:29 msg.40e4D
-rw-------    1 masi   users 1508290 Mar  5 08:07 .spam

Hardware at server: HP DL 360 G7: 2x6-core Xeon @ 3,07 GHz, 144 GB ECC
OS: Linux 3.14.79 x86_64 GNU/Linux


The case is now resolved. The technical support team did this for the resolution

  1. add to the home directory .maildir_enable -file, which tels to the server Devecot about your use of Maildir -directory for mails
  2. fixed .procmailrc -file such that spam goes to the right place in the right format - - there was a missing / -symbol at the "coordination" row formaatissa
  3. put all wrongly directed mails to your mailbox

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