How can I read data separated by space in two columns and print value from column-1 that may contains Null or empty value next to it in columns-2 into a file, otherwise perform action if it has values in both columns:

data set:

User Numbers
u1 12   
u3 45
u3 20
u4 5
u6 7
u7 32
u9 10
u10 14

You can do it with awk, for example. The variables $1 and $2 contain the text of the columns, and NR contains the number of columns.

awk '
    NR == 1 {print "Only one column: " $1}
    NR == 2 {print "The sum of the two columns is", $1 + $2}

Thanks bunch for your answer... I tried your answer and some part did work... except the Column-1 was showing incorrect User for value in column-2. I ended up putting my head around it and created something like this:


while IFS= read -a line; do COL1=$(printf "%s\n" "${line[@]}" | awk '{print $1}') COL2=$(printf "%s\n" "${line[@]}" | awk '{print $2}') SRCH1=$(ldapsearch "(uid=${COL1})" | grep uid: | awk '{print $2}') SRCH2=$(ldapsearch "(uid=${COL1})" | grep initials: | awk '{print $2}') SRCH3=${SRCH2} if [ "$COL1" = "$SRCH1" -a "$COL2" = "$SRCH2" ]; then echo "UID: $SRCH1" echo "INITIALS: $SRCH2" else echo "NO UID: $COL1" echo "NO INITIALS: $COL2" fi done < datafile8

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