I want to make kerberized nfs server on my machine, I follow these steps:

systemctl enable nfs-sever; systemctl start nfs-server
systemctl enable nfs-secure-server; systemctl start nfs-secure-server 

All the steps are fine except the nfs-secure-server, I got this message when I tried

systemctl status nfs-secure-server

enter image description here

I tried to start rpc-svcgssd but I cannot. Any help How I can start nfs-secure-server.


Try using:
systemctl enable nfs-secure
systemctl start nfs-secure
systemctl status nfs-secure

I got stuck because I was using "nfs-secure-server" and not "nfs-secure".

  • nfs-secure-server is related to server side & client-side is nfs-secure – Ahmad Yousif Mar 6 '17 at 18:39

You will find that if you use RHEL 7.0 these services will be started: nfs-secure-server and nfs-secure. But in RHEL 7.1 you don't need nfs-secure-server and nfs-secure anymore.

  • Ok ... but why the service is still present by default and that still in 7.6 8-/ – aurelien Apr 26 '19 at 15:40

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