I know that this question is often asked, but I didn't find an answer for my case. I am running openSUSE with one 50 GiB btrfs partition and one 700 GiB part mounted under /var/lib/libvirt

df -h shows me that the 50 GiB partition is full, but du -sh /* shows me that the largest folder is /usr with 5 GiB and /var/lib/libvirt.

I have removed all snapshots with snapper and gained 2 GiB with that, but where is the rest of my disk?

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The disk space is not shown as freed (and actually freed) before all file handlers are closed against the big files you deleted. lsof is a handy command in detecting which processes still have the files open, a solution is to restart the processes that have the file handlers open.

lsof +D /var/lib/libvirt

would display open files and processes for that matter.

  • /var/lib/libvirt is on a seperate disk. I rebooted, so deleted files should be deleted – Motte001 Mar 3 '17 at 18:52

After rebooting there was another snapshot with 40 GiB. I removed it and now it works fine

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