I am quite new to Linux and started using KDE Linux as my main os. I was wondering why does my Linux system start up with running programs and processes from the last session when I start it up again? I like to use the terminal a lot and I just like to use the "poweroff" command in the terminal. My friend told me to use the "shutdown 0" command but it didn't help. Is there a better way to shutdown my system so it would start up with any programs or processes running from the recent session?

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    I'm not a KDE user, but in other desktop environments like Xfce there is a settings configuration for startup programs. In Xfce there is a simple checkbox for whether or not to remember the running programs from your previous session. I suspect there is something like this for KDE, and it should take effect regardless of how you terminate your session or shut down your system. – airhuff Mar 2 '17 at 20:37

There's a setting in KDE where you it can save a session, so that if you leave some applications open, on next startup, it'll reopen those same application again. You're looking to start with an empty session.

KDE Settings/System Startup and Shutdown


shutdown -P now

But make sure your bios settings are correct and that it's not hard-wired to go into a sleep/standby mode as it seems to be doing.


When your friend suggested using shutdown 0, perhaps the intended command was actually meant to be:

sudo init 0

you need to use sudo shutdown -h now or sudo shutdown -h 35 if you want to shut it down after 35 minutes

It is also very handy to disable sudo for shutdown command so you can run it as a simple user.

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