Lets say I have two jpg files. I want to create a series of images, where I move one of the images across the face of the other image. I can already do this in any number of graphical editors, but it takes time to perform the action and then to do a filesave.

But it would be much more useful if I could use a command, or a software to do such a job for me. For example, if I could specify to insert a jpg at a certain offset, and then move it in a certain direction a given number of pixels each time, for a given number of images.

Is there anything which can provide such a functionality?


ImageMagick's composite tool seems ideally suited to this. You'd do something like

composite -geometry +20+20 foreground.jpg background.jpg composite1.jpg
composite -geometry +30+20 foreground.jpg background.jpg composite2.jpg

etc. to produce composite1.jpg containing foreground.jpg laid over background.jpg at position 20×20, and composite2.jpg in the same way but at position 30×20.

The ImageMagick web site has quite a few composition examples.

  • This is absolutely perfect. Thank you so much. Worked exactly how I wanted it to. – LinuxNewby Mar 1 '17 at 14:41

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