A user can place .desktop files in his ~/.config/autostart/ directory to run a script on login (session start) in Gnome, or indeed any Freedesktop-compliant environment.

But, on my openSUSE Leap 42.2 Gnome 3 system, in addition to each user's ~/.config/autostart/ directory, each user also has a ~/.config/autostart-scripts/ directory. I would assume that this directory would serve as a dumping ground for any quick and dirty scripts that a user would want to run on login without having to wrap those scripts in a .desktop file, but the scripts I place in that directory do not run on login.

Search engines have provided very little in the way of details about this directory. Does anyone know the purpose of the ~/.config/autostart-scripts directory and the requirements for the scripts in it to run?

  • Glad that I'm not the only one wondering about this cryptic directory. Obviously your synopsis per the Freedesktop spec for the autostart directory is straight from the Freedesktop docs; and as for autostart-scripts, KDE Plasma 5 behaves exactly as you assume: it executes any executables in that directory. Not knowing much about GNOME 3, I don't know why it didn't "work" (what does "work" really even mean here?) for you there, but Plasma 5 observes that behavior. – villapx Jan 7 '19 at 21:29
  • Indeed, Plasma 5 has autostart-scripts hardcoded in its source (along with plasma-workspace/shutdown and plasma-workspace/env): here it is on GitHub. Googling this directory name yields absolutely nothing, though, so it's not part of any standard. I assume the KDE folks just chose it kind of arbitrarily – villapx Jan 7 '19 at 21:40

Because (as user villapx discovered) KDE Plasma 5 has this autostart-scripts directory in its source, I am assuming that it is an undocumented feature of Plasma 5 and that I was running this profile under KDE at one point.

I was able to tweak my system for other Desktop Environments to make it work as I believe KDE uses it. To do this, I added a system autostart Desktop file at /etc/xdg/autostart/exec-autostart:

[Desktop Entry]

This referenced a script that would call each script in the autostart-scripts directory (using the directory determination from the Autostart spec):


shopt -s nullglob # Ensure shell expansion with 0 files expands to an empty list, rather than trying to read the "*.sh" file

if [ -z "$XDG_CONFIG_HOME" ]; then
for f in "$XDG_CONFIG_HOME/autostart-scripts/"*.sh; do
    test -x "$f" && . "$f" || true

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