I've tryed to update my system (linux mint 13 to linux mint 17) using this procedure (https://www.linuxtricks.fr/wiki/mettre-a-niveau-linux-mint-vers-une-nouvelle-version) and doesn't work. Now I only have acces to windows 7 (once the system is on dual boot) but the GRUB shows the lines with LINUX MINT 13 - generic (/dev/sd5) If i click on this option i see a small window to put my login and password and then i have the message saying that "cinnamon, not present". Anyone have an idea how can i repair it? Thank you for yours answers.

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Hard to say, but you may try to boot from a live USB then do:

Best of luck

  • He can boot, he can't access his DE, apparently.
    – schaiba
    Commented Mar 1, 2017 at 13:33

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