I used the XFCE GUI tool and every time I input printscreen + u as my shourtcut, xfce ignores the printscreen button in the shortcut.

I also tried to edit the XML conf file with name="&alt;Print>u" but it ignores the u.

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You can only define shortcuts on keychords consisting of one “normal” key and a set of modifiers. The classical modifiers are Shift, Ctrl, Meta, Alt, Hyper and Super. The first four are already taken on a PC keyboard — for historical reasons, Meta is more or less an alias of Alt. By default the “Windows” key is Super, which leaves Hyper free. So assign Hyper to PrintScreen. Additionally you need to assign it a modifier name; by default Mod3 is free (the possibilities are Mod1 through Mod5).

The simplest way to do this is through xmodmap. Create a file called ~/.Xmodmap (i..e .Xmodmap in your home directory) containing

keysym Print = Hyper_L
clear Mod3
add Mod3 = Hyper_L

Some distributions load this file automatically during login. If yours doesn't, add the command xmodmap <~/.Xmodmap to your startup applications.

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