I have dropped some water on my keyboard and only one key is not working which is the DOWN key. I want now to use some other keys such as right Alt or menu key between right-Alt and right-Ctrl keys as I do not use them very often. I have open the us file in ...xkb/sybmols/us file, however, I am very confused and could not find the Up, Down, Left and Right keys. Can anyone help me to remap the Down key to the menu key on the keyboard? Thanks

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It can easily done via xmodmap

xmodmap -pke | grep _

helps you to know the keycode of your right-hand keys
Then you can assign Down on choosed key by the command

xmodmap -e 'keycode 134 = Down Super_R Down Super_R'

e.g. for right Win
To autoload key remaping you can add the command into $HOME/.xinitrc or $HOME/.xsessionrc

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