how do I search the following pattern by awk in a file.


The pattern is one of the lines in a file.
I have to add text next to the pattern. Like this:

'\b' TEXT

Any of these commands are not working

 awk -e '/'\b'/ { sub($1,$1" TEXT")} 1' -i inplace file


 awk -e '/\'\\b\'/ {sub($1,$1" TEXT")} 1' -i inplace file
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    Show an example of your input and your expected output. – jordanm Feb 28 '17 at 5:38

The main problem is your incorrect use of sub:

awk '/\\b/ { $1 = $1" TEXT"} 1' file

Instead of using awk, you could use sed:

sed -i "s/'\\\\b'/& TEXT/" file

The trick is the 4 \ needed for both bash and sed.

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