I set up a server at home, and I never got around to anything else than remote SSH access (basically port forward port 22).

Now I'm outside of home, and I realised how much I actually need to use the server physically, which is why I want to port forward externally (through SSH), so I can set up a remote connection (because some programs only have GUI).

Assuming I only have an SSH connection open, how would I go to and port forward other ports? Basically set up my own Macbook to handle the connection through SSH, so I can use my Macbook like I was at home.

  • I used to work like that. It was not pratical. I ended up setting up the modem/router of the provider in bridge modem and setup my own Linux box with strongswan giving me a VPN to the outside. Commented Feb 24, 2017 at 9:08

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Ah, I figured it out.

ssh -D 8080 -C -N [email protected]

And then set up the Macbook to use a SOCKS proxy on port 8080.

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