Sometimes, when I execute a long command on my computer, I suffix it with && notify-send "It's finally done!". Is there any way I could do this from an ssh session? I'm aware I could do a one line ssh, e.g. ssh remotehost "long-term-command" && notify-send "It's finally done!, but I'd rather not as I'm executing many long-term commands and this seems clunky and inefficient.

If I wanted to notify-send on the remote system, I'd set DISPLAY to :0. Is there something similar I could do for the opposite?


X11 Forwarding? Then, run $ long-command && notify-send "finished" from the server, w hich should be displayed on the client.


Pipe the command into batch or at now.

batch <<< "ssh remotehost long-term-command && notify-send 'It is finally done!'"

Beware of the quote characters and the enviroment of the shell. Take a look at atq and atrm to control the queue.

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