I'm on freebsd (TrueOS, to be exact) and want to change my ZSH theme. ZSH was installed as binary package. I cloned the commonly known oh-my-zsh git repo, to gain themes, but want to stay with grml zsh config, which I downloaded from grml.org and placed into /usr/local/etc/zsh.

I'm sourcing /usr/local/etc/zsh/zshrc from my ~/.zshrc, and now I want to use a theme from ~/.oh-my-zsh (agnoster, to be exact, powerline and powerline-fonts are installed and working). But I have no idea ho to do this.

Please, how can I do this? I don't want to use OMZ. Just want to 'import' the theme(s).


Depending on the theme this can be rather tedious. Since they can depend on OMZ.

But luckily the theme you mentioned doesn't seem to be depending on any other code.

Just download the the theme from the Github page, save it under .zsh/themes, and add

source ~/.zsh/themes/agnoster.zsh-theme

to your .zshrc and it should work (As long as there is no conflict).

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