I want to make aliases for my iterm2 so i tried to edit the .zshrc file.

But the problem is for some reason i can't save the file, it gives me

 unable to save .zshrc

I also tried to set alias straight from console and it works, but it can only be used in that current iterm session.

I use iterm2 and oh-my-zsh


That's usually a permissions problem. You are attempting to save a file which may be

  • read-only
  • owned by some other user
  • stored in a directory to which you have no write-permission

There's not enough information in the question to be more specific. But a usual pitfall lies in copying files (or directories) as root (which makes them owned by root) and attempting to edit them as a non-privileged user.

  • To answer some of your suggestion: I changed the file permission using chmod but has no effect, and my mac only has one user. I am new to mac (windows user before learning programming) so any tips as to how I can try to solve this problem? Feb 20 '17 at 4:25

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