I have 3 .gifs animations and I just want to merge them temporally.

g1.gif contains images 1,2,3 sequenced as so
g2.gif contains images 4,5,6 sequenced as so
g3.gif contains images 7,8,9 sequenced as so

I want a gif as follows
g4.gif contains images 1,2,3,4,5,6,7,8,9 sequenced as so

I tried convert *.gif g4.gif but it overlaps them in a weird fashion. All gifs are the same size, arranging, etc

Thank you so much


the standard Tool for manipulating GIF images is gifsicle
... here is the syntax to combine several animated gif files

gifsicle  g1.gif  g2.gif  g3.gif > combo.gif 

then to view it just issue

open combo.gif

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# install gifsicle
sudo apt install gifsicle

#combine GIF files
gifsicle  *.GIF > combo.gif


gifsicle  *.GIF > combo.gif --colors 256
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