I installed 'Arc Dark' theme, and activated. It changed all my 'panels' and the things into blurry-transparent that used to dark on Breeze Dark theme (panel, menu, notifications, etc). I really didn't like it, so I just changed it. But, it keeped the blurry-transparent, and I dont like it. I tried deleting plasma/kde folders on ~, ~/.local, ~/.config, /usr and more. Reinstalled multiple times plasma/kde packages, but nothing.

Running kinda fresh install of Arch Linux.

  • well, im probably going to reinstall arch and plasma... PLEASE HELP!!! – makmm Feb 17 '17 at 13:08

change the panel background.

go: system configuration (aka configure desktop) > workspace appearance > desktop theme > details (tab) > panel background (select box/drop down) - select another themes background or a file; misc image or something you create (svg or png) > Apply.


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