I tried to install Puppy Linux 5.2 on a Harddisk (IDE), since the BIOS does not allow USB boot.

As described here, I ran the universal installer and chose Harddisk, Then i create a small partition with gparted (ext3, 1GB) and Puppy copied all the needed files from the Live-CD to the directory. In my case this was /tmp/boot/...

After that Puppy asks me to modify Grub menu.lst. Since I couldn't find it, I started installing by opening "grub config" program through the menu. All went smooth and I was asked to put the path where to install, and I used /dev/sda1 since it's my hard drive.

After restarting i come to the grub boot manager where chosing Linux (on dev/sda1) results in Error 15: File not found.

Is this path "TMP/boot/..." somehow wrong (Puppy 5.2 did put it there automatically)?

Why is this happening?


Here are foolproof instructions to get it running http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=xxVOH3mo3Gw

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