I'm looking for a Linux (Freeware preferred) replacement for the Paperport Document Management Software by Nuance.

Wants: Scan to PDF. OCR. Simple Indexing and Searching. Data stored locally. GUI.

Don't wants: Cloud Based, MySQL.

Most of what I am finding in my searches are business solutions (read expensive), cloud storage and systems that require a MySQL or other database server (service?).

I've started using gscan2pdf. My other want, something that will let me scan from the ADF off my HP Printer (Officejet 8600).


You may want to have a look at paperwork: https://github.com/jflesch/paperwork The repo says it has support for:

  • scanning
  • labelling and indexing
  • OCR for label suggestion

As far as I can see, it uses local files for storage.

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