I have a NAS that I run out of my home. I always keep a directory on the NAS (~/mydata) mounted on my laptop (at ~/nas). When I am at home, I mount the volume over the LAN. When I am not at home, I mount it over the Internet. I would like to automate the mounting process to:

  • (a) Mount when I connect to a network
  • (b) Unmount when I disconnect from a network
  • (c) Mount when I log in

I have a launchd specification that runs a script whenever a network change (switch, connection, or disconnection) occurs. But I can't figure out how to detect whether a previously mounted volume is accessible. The problem is that once my volume is mounted, even if I disconnect from the network and the mounted volume is no longer accessible (either because I used a .local hostname that only works on my home network or because there simply is no network connection at all), the OS doesn't seem to know this. I've tried a couple tests:

  • mount: the output of argumentless mount continues to show the mounted volume, with no indication of inaccessibility
  • cd ~/nas: hangs
  • df: hangs
  • umount: hangs

I am on macOS and am using sshfs to do the mounting. How can I check whether a mounted volume is still accessible?

  • If your question is related only to sshfs you should have a look here . IMHO the best way is to let mount, with right timeout/reconnection settings, to take care of it.
    – sgargel
    Commented Feb 15, 2017 at 9:51

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To check whether a mount already exists or not use the following command and check for fuse.sshfs :

mount | grep fuse.sshfs

Also to mount or unmount file system refer this man page.Try unmounting it and mount again.More of this here

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    Thanks for your response sai. A few problems though: (1) as I explain in the question, the output of mount continues to show the mounted volume after it has been disconnected. (2) the mount output indicating the mount doesn't even show fuse.sshfs; instead it shows USER@HOST:/host/path on /target/path (osxfuse, nodev, nosuid, synchronous, mounted by smackesey) Commented Feb 15, 2017 at 19:10

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