I'm currently using Compiz 0.8 to get blur effects and transparency, in place of xfwm4. I had been using Emerald to provide window borders, but I was unhappy with the selection available there. I would prefer to use my GTK theme window borders (the ones I get when I run xfwm4 --replace in the terminal).

It turns out you can pass the command gtk-window-decorator --replace to use the standard GTK window borders. However, these use some sort of default theme that looks really out of place. I have no idea how to change it.

enter image description here

I'm running Arch Linux with XFCE. The Arch Linux wiki provided me with the same answer that a lot of other pages did - to use gsettings to change some entries. This didn't work, probably because (as the wiki page says, albeit without any elaboration) that Compiz-reloaded, the project that represents the continued maintenance of the Compiz 0.8 project, have switched to using Marco instead of Metacity.

So that leaves me at a loss. The change was rather recent, and Compiz is pretty far past its prime, so I can't find much on how to deal with this issue with the recent changes.

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I had the same problem and this is the fix:

  1. Install marco-gtk2 from the AUR
  2. Remove your old core package (it can be compiz-core, compiz-gtk, compiz-core-git or compiz-gtk-git)
  3. install compiz-gtk or compiz-gtk-git (depending on whether you use the stable or latest release of compiz-reloaded) but edit the PKGBUILD so the line the value of _use_marco (at the top of the file) is 2.
  4. Enjoy!

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