I want to create a script to convert the output of my script to an HTML format.

Below is the sample output of my script:

[root@test tmp]# cat StoreOnceStatus.txt
spawn ssh -o StrictHostKeyChecking=no storesvc@10.x.x.x
Last login: Fri Jan 27 14:44:50 2017 from 10.x.x.x

Welcome to the HP StoreOnce Backup System Command Line Interface.
Type 'help' at the prompt for context-sensitive help.

> serviceset show status

Service Set 1         Status
-------------         -------
Overall             : Running
StoreOnce Subsystem : Running
Virtual Tape        : Running
NAS                 : Running
StoreOnce Catalyst  : Running
Replication         : Running
Housekeeping        : Running

> hardware show status

Name                  Dev-id                                Status
--------------------  ------------------------------------  ------
HP                    300000000-00000-0000-0000-0000         OK
p0000 Storage System  0000-0000-1000-b0000-50000             OK

> exit

Connection to 10.x.x.x closed.

From that file, I only need to capture and convert to HTML the output of the commands serviceset show status and hardware show status.

  • What kind of HTML? Something fancy looking, or just plaintext? – vatsug Feb 14 '17 at 14:36

You can create template.html file which will be in form that you want. And instead of real values, you fill it with some expressions (for example: SERVICESETSTATUS, HARDWARESTATUS,...) which will later be be replaced with real values that are collected with script.

In script you can use sed command that will replace expression in template with output command:

sed "s/expression/$(command)/" template.html

or in your case:

sed "s/SERVICESETSTATUS/$(serviceset show status)/" template.html

I was using something like this few years back for creating wiki pages.

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