I'm trying to create a utility for extracting the first display that a user is physically at using grep and awk:

$ w | grep -P '^naftuli' | awk '{print $3;}'

I have seen variant X session identifiers, is there a standard format that I could implement a regular expression for?


On a modern Unix system, there are two types of X displays: local or (TCP) remote. A local display name is : followed by a number, and optionally but rarely followed by . and a screen number. A remote display is a host name or IP address followed by a local display name. Thus, in ERE syntax:


In practice, “it's X if and only if there's a :” should work.

  • Thank you, as always Gilles, just got back to this today for this. – Naftuli Kay Mar 5 '17 at 23:33

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