I am trying to bootstrap and configure an embedded system. I need to enable certain systemd services (e.g. networkd, resolved).

I'm working on an x86* machine while the one that I'm configuring is an ARM machine - so I (presumably) need to use the host's systemd to edit the systemd configuration stored in the ARM's file system.

How would I do the equivalent actions which these do on the x86 host, in the offline ARM system which I have mounted?

systemctl enable foo.service

systemctl disable foo.service

Presumably netctl enable <name> is still doable as systemctl enable netctl@<name>.

  • I'm tempted to create the symlinks which systemctl enable creates, but I'm worried that there might be more to it than that and I'll leave systemd in an inconsistent state Commented Feb 13, 2017 at 23:37

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Just create the symlinks that systemctl enable would create. There's not more to it then that.

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