I have a set of applications, which rely on each other in containers.
I know, to maange multiple docker containers there are tools like:

  • Swarm
  • Kubernetes
  • Rancher
  • Cloudfoundry

Which tool would I need, if I want to manage the connectivity between applications outside the containers? I defined the following requirments for me:

  • The relationships between containers must be managed outside the containers.
  • The IP to which I refer inside the container, must be automatically mapped to a containerized application outside, so that I can exchange the containers, without modifying application configs inside
  • The application landscape must be copied to run it twice, in the same network zone. When containers are copied - the containers in the new container set should imediately know each other and do not interact with the containers in the old set
  • some containers need to be marked as a singleton, so that these containers are not copied, with the set, but remain the same.

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