I have set path correctly just like before but I am getting command not found error.

$echo $PATH

So I have to run node using full path for every run and it always gives error of Permission denied when run without sudo:

$sudo /usr/local/bin/node ***

Does anyone know what the issue is?


Shorten your $PATH from /usr/local/bin/node to /usr/local/bin.

The $PATH variable is for storing the names of directories which contain executables; it's not for storing any names of executables within those directories. The file command will show the difference:

file /usr/local/bin /usr/local/bin/node

The sudo trouble probably means that the current user lacks permission to run node. Check permission and ownership:

stat --printf="%a %G:%U\n" /usr/local/bin/node

It should say something like:

777  root:root

Suppose it doesn't, but there's another file foo in usr/local/bin/ that works every time, and has the correct permissions and ownership. To give node the same permissions and ownership as foo:

sudo chown --reference=/usr/local/bin/foo /usr/local/bin/node
sudo chmod --reference=/usr/local/bin/foo /usr/local/bin/node
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