My sh is bash. I need a percentile progress indicator for my 0~9999 'for' loop... So I use this lines within the loop, but the output is very strange.

declare -i percentile
        if [ "$percentile" == 0 ];then
                echo -ne $((($i+1)/100))\%\r
echo -n '\n'

What I want to see is it outputs '1%' and then replace this line with '2%' and '3%' ... but not '1%', '2%', '3%', ... line by line.

After execute this .sh file, what displayed on the terminal is

-ne 1%r
-ne 2%r
-ne 3%r
-ne 4%r
-ne 5%r
-ne 6%r
-ne 7%r
-ne 8%r
-ne 9%r
-ne 10%r

The bash just didn't recognize the '-ne' option and the escaped '\r' for 'echo' command, what should I do to solve this problem?

  • 1
    And your sh is?
    – heemayl
    Feb 13 '17 at 3:53
  • Your script works fine for me. Could be different shells. What about using printf instead?
    – Sparhawk
    Feb 13 '17 at 3:56

If you have to use echo, then try with quoted return, ie '\r', not just \r. The whole line is then:

echo -ne $((($i+1)/100))\%'\r'

And take a look at Why is printf better than echo?


I don't think you're using bash because both the -n and -e flags are usually understood by bash's echo utility.

Make sure that you run the script by either explicitly specifying bash as the interpreter,

$ bash ./script.sh

or by making it executable and running it,

$ chmod +x ./script.sh
$ ./script.sh

Your arithmetic operations in the script are also wrong (when calculating percentile). bash performs arithmetic substitutions in $(( ... )) and arithmetic evaluation in (( ... )).

Here's an alternative implementation:


for(( i = 1; i <= iter; i++ )); do
    if ! (( i % (iter/100) )); then
        printf '\r%d%%' "$(( (100*i)/iter ))"


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