I'm using the following configuration:

  • Ubuntu 11.10 x64
  • Awesome Window Manager v3.4.10
  • Gnome 3.2

...and I got the following problem:

Screenshot of the Problem

Every time I click on the empty space in a menubar or toolbar in a Gtk application (like Nautilus, GEdit), mouse clicks don't work any more. Sometimes it also happens after clicking a resize grip (See this bug report).

I'm still able to move the mouse cursor, but clicking and scrolling doesn't have any effect.

All keyboard actions work as before, e.g. I can switch desktops with Mod4-Left / Mod4-Right, type in text boxes or switch the active window with Mod4-j/k.

When I close the application where I did the killing click, everything works perfectly as before.

This is especially annoying when it happened in Nautilus as I have to killall nautilus to make it work again, which kills the desktop as well.

Does anybody have the same problem, and is there any bugfix around?


I found this item in the Ubuntu Bug tracker which describes exactly this misbehavior. As far as I understand, they want to release the bugfix in the next Ubuntu version, 12.04. Is there a chance to get the update earlier? Do I have to compile Gtk myself, if yes, how to do this?

Note: I asked this, less specific, here

  • Okay, I found some more information and changed my question a bit. – Mira Weller Mar 18 '12 at 11:43

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