My disk storage running on Solaris + ZFS and i can't delete a file from my cifs share. I tried from Windows + Solaris nothing works... I was thinking someone is using the file and i close my cifs with (zfs set smbshare=off) nothing changed..

My file is:

-rwxrwxrwx+ 1 root root 31584256 Feb 9 14:34 'A. Test2017-02-09T020046.vib'*

rm -rf 'A. Test2017-02-09T020046.vib''

rm: cannot remove 'A. Test2017-02-09T020046.vib': Permission denied

I'm root, i have every possible permission on this system but even the root can't delete this file! How is this possible?

Edit: Maybe nbmand causing this problem? The SMB protocol assumes mandatory locking, but UNIX traditionally uses advisory locking. The Oracle Solaris OS can be configured to use mandatory locking on a per mount basis by using the non-blocking mandatory locking (nbmand) mount option.

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    Can you post the output from zfs get all filesystem, where filesystem is your ZFS filesystem? – Andrew Henle Feb 9 '17 at 17:31

Is it mounted as a read only filesystem? If not, my best guess is that perhaps you're using the vscan option on the dataset, and that a virus scanner has flagged it and the vscand service locked the file down.

Can you do something like file 'A. Test2017-02-09T020046.vib' to see if the file can be read.


I still have no answer but i think "Veeam backup" locking the file someway. After reboot OS im able to delete the file.. Problem solved with reboot but this is really bad thing for Storage! I hope this problem will not repeat again.

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