I always have a ton of terminals opened doing certain things so when I have reboot it always takes me a decent amount of time to go back through and set them all back up. Is there any way for me to have a good bit of terminals open at login and start their monitoring, etc?

A good example could be: at login to Gnome, open a gnome-terminal that is already vim'd to file.txt, another one that opens with top, one that opens that is already SSHd to a different server, etc.

It looks like saving your session used to be a feature in the past but got dropped around 12. Im on Ubuntu 16.04. Can't seem to make this work...

Thanks yall for any help!


Well, the first approach that comes to mind is to create a script with the command lines to launch all the terminals you want, than map the execution of that script to a specific key combination.

Something like this:

xterm -e tail -f /var/log/syslog &
xterm -e ssh localhost &
exit 0

Another approach would be using the screen utility and create a tailored configuration file to start as many shells you need with the appropriate commands executed. For example:

hardstatus  on
hardstatus  alwayslastline
hardstatus  string "%w%=%m/%d %c"
screen -t "syslog"      0 tail -f /var/log/syslog
screen -t "ssh"         1 ssh localhost

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