I have been looking through the Solaris man pages: usermod, passwd and haven't had much luck. I'm trying to find the equivalent of chage -d that we have used on Linux in the past. This let's you set the date value of:

root@host:~# passwd -s someuser  
someuser  PS    02/08/17     0    10  

the 02/08/17 date is what I'm trying to change. I can do this in Linux with the following(to change the date to 10 days into the future):

 /usr/bin/chage -M 10 -d $(date +%F)

Any ideas or help would be greatly appreciated.

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Solaris doesn't provide chage, but you can easily set the max number of days a password will be good for by using -x:


I believe 10 days from now would be:

passwd -x 10 someuser

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