I have a script which before being launched checks via pwd if the path upon launch is something specific (say dir/subdir/script)

current_folder=$(pwd | grep dir/subdir/script)
if [ "$current_folder" == "" ]; then
echo "something bad"

how can this script be launched via crontab? I cannot remove the check with pwd or amend the script content under any circumstance since it's subject to continuous updates that would be replaced

Thanks everyone

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You can specify several commands, separated by ; or &&, as your cron job, for example:

* * * * * cd /some/path && foo

(This will only run foo if the cd was successful.)

  • that was what I tried which didn't work at first since in the line I had to add some % chars which then came out need to be escaped when used on a crontab line. Thanks for your help, you were right btw
    – funkoolow
    Feb 7, 2017 at 23:56

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