I need to configure PAM rules on Debian system to use LDAP authentification. Earlier I did it on CentOS and I'm not sure that I understand PAM rules matching on their systems right.

On CentOS I've edited these files in /etc/pam.d/:


it's soft links to {filename}-ac files

In Debian I see only one of them:


But here are a few files like common-{auth,password,session} and as I think system-auth consists of them (am I right?).

So what PAM-files I need to edit in Debian?

I found another way (right way, as I dare to say): auth-client-config, a script on Python from Ubuntu that change PAM-rules in files /etc/pam.d/common-{filename}, but is that enough? Do I need to edit system-auth manually?

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/etc/pam.d/system-auth is not part of Debian, you must have created it yourself. If all other files under /etc/pam.d are pristine, then enabling LDAP via dpkg-reconfigure libpam-runtime should add the lines necessary for basic functionality to common-* (which are included by the various service config files: login, sshd, and so on). Of course, all of the above depends on libpam-ldapd (and consequently: nslcd) being installed and configured correctly (which automatically enables itself in libpam-runtime, so dpkg-reconfigure shouldn't be needed unless you disabled it beforehand). Most probably you'll also need libnss-ldapd to provide the user database.

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