I update my Arch-Linux system using yaourt. When updating packages from the AUR, yaourt doesn't allow itself to be run as root, so it instead asks for sudo privileges every time it installs / updates a package. I don't mind this too much, however if I don't notice my terminal asking for my sudo password, it might be a few minutes until I check and notice it. When this happens, even though I type my password in correctly, I get an authentication error message, and it asks for my password again a few times, even though it still wouldn't work.

So my question is: how can I disable the sudo password prompt from timing out?


Have a look at the sudoers manual, and search for the password_timeout and timestamp_timeout settings.

The default seems to be 15 minutes for timestamp_timeout and 0 (no timeout) for password_timeout, but your system probably has another password_timeout.

  • Adding this to my sudoers file fixed the problem. Thank you! Defaults passwd_timeout = 0 – rusins Feb 8 '17 at 13:57

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