I am using curl to download the file from a url. Currently I am able to download the file as it is in the current directory using the curl command like

curl -O http://path/to/url/17.01.24/smcfs-17.01.24.ear

This downloads the file alright but saves it in the current directory by the name smcfs-17.01.24.ear as expected. However I would like to download and save this file by creating a directory inside the current directory with bash script like

if [[ ! -d "$4" ]]; then
    mkdir "$4"
    curl -O http://path/to/url/$4/smcfs-$4.ear   #I would like curl to fucntion like I said here    

NOTE: In above code snippet I am taking the version number i.e 17.01.24 as 4rth argument of script

The expected output will be that curl download the file smcfs-17.01.24.ear by the name smcfs.ear in the directory 17.01.24 which is the subdirectory of the current diretory.

I would like to achieve this without going into the subdirectory, using curl to download and then coming back to the current directory.

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I used the following to download a file into a directory with a given name

curl "http://path/to/url/$4/smcfs-$4.ear" --output "$4/smcfs.ear"

You can obtain the behaviour you’re after by dropping the -O:

curl "http://path/to/url/$4/smcfs-$4.ear" > "$4/smcfs.ear"

(after the mkdir). By default curl outputs the content it downloads to its standard output; -O tells it to save it to a file matching the remote name.

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