How do you get gkrellm to run in the taskbar, in a system tray or dock, in Openbox?

I've come across lots of web pages that say it's possible, but I haven't seen an explanation of how to do it.

Thw -w switch:

gkrellm -w

only makes gkrellm run as an always-on-top window in the upper left corner of the screen. Is there a config file or something that I need to modify?

I'm running version 2.3.6-RCl of gkrellm and the taskbar is version 0.12-git-dirty of tint2.

BTW, I'm just looking for a CPU/memory/disk/network monitor to run in a taskbar under Openbox. If there's a simpler or better way than gkrellm, I'd like to hear about it, especially if getting gkrellm to work is going to be a pain.

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Here the necessary steps to run gkrellm as a dockapp.

First make sure your Openbox configuration has a ´` element. The configuration is usually under


or for Lubuntu under


Edit the file and check for a dock element under the root element <openbox_config>. There should be something like

  <!-- (Top|Bottom)(Left|Right|)|Top|Bottom|Left|Right|Floating -->
  <!-- 'Above', 'Normal', or 'Below' -->
  <!-- 'Vertical' or 'Horizontal' -->
  <!-- in milliseconds (1000 = 1 second) -->
  <!-- in milliseconds (1000 = 1 second) -->
  <!-- 'Left', 'Middle', 'Right' -->

Reconfigure Openbox

openbox --reconfigure

Run gkrellm

gkrellm -w

When you use the above configuration then ´gkrellm` should now appear when you move your mouse to the middle of your left Desktop boarder.

A description of the configuration options can be found in the Openbox configuration manual.

If you have no <dock> element in your Openbox configuration gkrellm seems to run as you have described it.

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